My Philosophy of Practice

Like many midwives I believe that having a baby is a normal life event that does not require intervention unless we have a clinical indication for it. Whether your care becomes complex or remains low risk I make every effort to inform you and your family with balanced information and encourage you to make your own choices.


Research consistently shows that women and babies benefit when they receive continuity of care (that means care that has been provided by the same people). To facilitate this, I will most often remain with labouring women who require epidurals, as well as a range of other secondary care components, and work alongside you for as much of the motherhood journey as is possible.

“Thank You so much for being such an amazing midwife. I really feel that you have played a big part in why I had such a positive pregnancy and birth. I also really appreciate you coming to my birth even though you were so tired, I hope you can be my midwife again for baby number 2.”


Leah, Dylan & Phoenix