How to find a midwife

After a positive pregnancy test many women are not sure where to go next so often make an appointment with their GP, however this is not usually necessary. LMC midwives are able to provide all the necessary care for a well woman from conception to breastfeeding, so you may prefer to approach us directly.


I am currently on sabbatical for 2021 but you can scroll the profiles of available midwives in your area here.


Asking for recommendations online, or from a new mother you know can be helpful, but keep in mind that midwifery care is highly relational, therefore different midwives will always be suited to different women. If asking for recommendations, ask from someone whose judgement you trust.


Midwives often work closely with other health professionals in the community, eg: osteopaths, acupuncturists, homeopaths and GPs. If you are seeing another health professional whose philosophy appeals to you, ask for a recommendation.

When contacting a midwife for the first time

In the past midwives have often had the availability to meet and introduce themselves to women prior to registering them, however due to our increasing midwifery shortage this is no longer always possible.


When contacting a midwife for the first time she will be in a better position to help if you have already worked out an approximate due date, or you know the date of the first day of your last period (your LMP). The midwife is also likely to ask things like what number pregnancy this is for you, whether your last birth was a normal delivery or a caesarian section, which suburb you live in and if you intend on staying there (this helps us to plan home visits). Likewise, you should take this opportunity to ask anything you would like to know regarding your midwife’s practice, her philosophies (approach to care), her experience, or when she is planning her annual leave.


If you have your heart set on something like a home-birth, water-birth, or even an epidural, the first phone call or email is a great way to establish if a particular midwife will suit you. Is she a home-birth midwife? If not, can she tell you how to contact local home-birth midwives? Is she epidural certified and will she support your choice to have one? You may like to think about which aspects of care matter most to you and your family, and ask if you can discuss these from the start.