Positive pregnancy test ? 
Heres what to do next.

Newly pregnant women should contact a midwife at their first opportunity.

This is hugely important because New Zealand is experiencing a nationwide midwifery shortage so basically, there are no longer enough of us to go around. As LMCs we typically book our caseloads up to nine months in advance so the sooner you make contact with a midwife, the easier it will be for you to receive comprehensive maternity care from someone you trust.

LMC midwives usually meet with women as soon as they find out they are pregnant. That means that if you’re an otherwise well woman who’s had a positive pregnancy test, there is no need to see a GP. New Zealand has a unique maternity system so unlike most other countries, Kiwi midwives are highly specialised in their practice and when it comes to routine maternity care, we can take care of everything from beginning to end.

woman with positive pregnancy

Cant find a midwife? 

There are range of search options available to you. For more information click here

Once you have registered with a midwife, she will outline all of the options available to you for screening and care throughout pregnancy, childbirth and for up to six weeks after your baby is born. Put simply, our job is to help you figure out what it is that you personally need to know about having your baby, and to support you in that process. How often you meet with your midwife will vary throughout your pregnancy, but typically begins on a monthly basis. All photos & feedback used with kind permission.

From the mothers

“Thank You very much for being our wonderful midwife and bringing our darling Gemma safely into the world. I always felt I could tell you how I was and didn’t have to pretend that I was coping or OK. You always put us before anyone else – like the hospital or when you did our plan. What was best for us was always your focus not what others would think or do. Thank you so much for that!”


Andrea, Damon & baby Gemma.

My Philosophy Of Practice

Like many midwives I believe that having a baby is a normal life event that does not require intervention unless we have a clinical indication for it.

Whether your care remains low risk or becomes complex, I make every effort to inform women and their families with balanced information and encourage them to make their own choices, which I advocate for as needed.

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