My Philosophy Of Practice

Newborn baby in his mothers arms right after deliveryLike many midwives, I believe that having a baby is a normal life event for most women, and does not require routine intervention. My practice places a strong focus on informing women and their families with balanced information to make their own informed choices, and in advocating for these choices as required. To do this I implement many online resources and encourage couples to research their choices during pregnancy, to support a fully informed decision.

New baby breast-feeding while enjoying skin to skin contact

Research shows that women and babies benefit where continuity of care has been provided. To facilitate this, I continue to support women who opt for epidurals during labour, as well as a range of other secondary care components. In most circumstances, I am able to support a woman through any aspect of her pregnancy, labour, birth and postnatal care.

It is very important to feel comfortable with the care of your LMC. If this philosophy does not suit your preferences, you may prefer an alternative midwife, and I encourage you to seek out the midwife who suits your preferred approach.

 “Gillian, we can’t thank you enough for your kind, calm and caring midwifery for the birth of Harper. We know it wasn’t the easiest of births but we always knew we were in great hands. There were times when you were the only person telling us what was going on and giving us options (and pep talks!). You are an awesome midwife!”
Heather, Paul & Harper.