About Gillian Sims


I have been a registered midwife since 2007 and during this time have supported hundreds of women through their pregnancies under hundreds of different circumstances. And yes, this means I have delivered hundreds and hundreds of babies!

My experience includes hospital care in both New Zealand and Australia, Birthing Centre births, home births and water births. It includes volunteer work with NGOs in Mozambique, Brazil, Mexico, Belize, Guatemala and El Salvador. It includes care-giving in a CYFS home for teenage girls. It includes working with healthy women, unhealthy women, happy women, unhappy women, confident women, fearful women, women who speak English and women who don’t…it’s pretty difficult to shock me, but you’re welcome to try!

I’m a straight-talking midwife with a down-to-earth Kiwi attitude who will assist you in generating realistic expectations around pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding and motherhood.

I believe in what I do! After 10 years I remain passionate about my role as a midwife because it is meaningful work which has the potential to empower mothers and families and make a positive impact in people’s lives. Whatever your primary concern – from achieving a viable pregnancy, to a positive birth or breastfeeding experience, avoiding PND or just knowing there is someone who can make you feel heard – Midwifery makes a difference!

My goal is to assist women in making fully informed choices, and to advocate for those choices as required. My care is woman-centered, so whether your care requires medical intervention with all the bells and whistles of contemporary medicine, you have your heart set on an undisturbed birth by candle-light and essential oils, or you just want to the freedom to change your mind – your choices will be heard, discussed and supported as appropriate.

Weighing baby in Mieze” Gillian, Thank you for your support through our 9 months of  pregnancy, being there when it mattered, and giving us comfort and peace of mind. Your support and presence through the birth were amazing! I am proud to say I had a great, amazing, positive birth experience and I know this because you were there; supporting Simeon and keeping a calm and natural environment to let me birth in the most natural way possible for me. Your after support has also been great and Matthew and I will miss you.”  Phoebe, Simeon & Matthew