Looking for a midwife with a calm and caring approach?

Gillian Sims is an LMC midwife based in Tauranga, NZ, offering comprehensive maternity care from conception to breastfeeding.


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 If you are an expectant parent, Congratulations!

Not sure what to do next?

Tauranga Midwife holding newborn baby

After a positive pregnancy test many women are not sure where to go next, so often make an appointment with their GP. Your local midwife however, is able to provide all the necessary care for a well woman from conception to breastfeeding, so you may prefer to approach her directly.

I offer an antenatal clinic on Tuesdays  and Thursdays at Mt. Physio and Pilates, located at 4 Dee St, Mt. Maunganui. How often you need to see your midwife will vary throughout your pregnancy, so for a schedule of visits, please click here.

As an LMC midwife I am able to support women wanting home birth, or who prefer to birth at Tauranga Hospital, Bethlehem Birthing Centre…or occasionally your local petrol station.

imagejpeg_0On this website you will find information regarding self-employed or LMC midwifery care for New Zealand mums, dads and families. If you would like to know more about my availability as your potential midwife please click here. I welcome any questions you may like to ask regarding pregnancy, parenthood or finding a midwife and invite those interested to complete a form on the contact page of my website.

“Thank You very much for being our wonderful midwife and bringing our darling Gemma safely into the world. I always felt I could tell you how I was and didn’t have to pretend that I was coping or OK. You always put us before anyone else – like the hospital or when you did our plan. What was best for us was always your focus not what others would think/do so thank you for that.”

Andrea, Damon & Gemma